Mr. Paul Giovanni Okumu has proven himself at Mwanza Urban Water and Sewerage Authority (MWAUWASA) afterward completing his Master’s Degree in Business at University of Mzumbe.

Born in city of Tanzania, he has a soft heart for his staff; he has gotten the strivings first hand and works diligently at Mwanza Urban Water and Sewerage Authority (MWAUWASA) to get the water to the people. With his young family, Mr. Paul Okumu has 8 children with his wife Groga living in Mwanza. Mr. Paul Okumu is determined enough to providing a suitable environment for his employees and is gratified to state that he has only lost 3 employee to unanticipated workplace deaths, he is highly esteemed during the MSAUWASA organization for his promise.

Projects in Progress:

Extension of water supply and Restoration works and sewer systems in Mwanza city, encompassing goods supply specifically for networks maintenance and reintegration and extension of nearly 4km of sewer pipelines and 40km of water supply pipelines.

New water supply systems for Magu, Misungwi & Lamadi – consist of works for inaugurating new water supply systems in the three towns at a length of approx. 100km plus consumption/treatment works, reservoirs and pump stations.

Extension and Recuperation of the water supply system in Mwanza city, involving recuperation and extension works for the recuperation and extension of approximately 50-60 kms of pipelines as well as pump stations and reservoirs.

Contact Details:

Mwanza Urban Water and sewerage Authority (MWAUWASA)

PO Box 317

Mwanza, Tanzania


The World Water Calamity Has Started - God Help The People Now!
Excessive population in numerous regions is widening the natural water cycle too reedy. In the dry seasons there is not enough reserved water to consume and while droughts come, it becomes a humanitarian calamity. The Online Think Tank has already conducted lots of studies and researches of problems all around the world and researched historical accounts of water scarcities. Certain dry regions around the world have always been a challenge. Certainly the Romans were rather prudent to build their aqueducts, and many an evolution in past periods has malformed because of water shortages. Not long ago a nobleman from Zimbabwe Africa region notified me regarding the fact that water scarcities were causing very stern issues in his country. Right, it is getting to be crisis approach there, however, several parts of Africa are in threat just because of water crises. The water crises are on extreme everywhere I look, all around the world. These are lots of serious issues the world over with human civilizations and the problems with water are always on the top. Water is life for human beings. Supply of water in Urban Slums is much imperative, whether it is in Bombay, Bolivia, Brazil, Asia, Argentina or in Afghanistan because water is limited it makes for a very long day. We should be water wise and plan not only for the rainy season, but for several moons without any rain whatsoever. The climate of earth changes as expected over longer periods of time. Experts now believe that these natural cycles of change have been over occupied by a rapid rise in the temperature of the Earth’s climate. It is up to each society, village and civilization to plan for water insufficiency issues. The perfect time to plan for this unlucky prospective eventuality is prior to drought. Just like Noah put up his Arc before the rain, we should construct water retention wells and amenities long before the drought. Think about it.
Water Crisis And Its Effects On The Environment - The Case Of Africa
Water crisis is a specific situation where water in a country or region is less than the demand of that country or region. Water is becoming limited all around the world and all signs notify that it will become even scarcer in the future. Growing demand, declining quality and decreasing availability for water are developing lots of challenges. The major focus of this article is on scarcity of water and other water related problems and concerns on environment and the human. Though we understand that the problem that that we will scrutinize in this paper can easily be found in numerous regions of the world in both developing and under-developed countries, we will concentrate on the developing countries case, specifically Africa. Water is drying up already in several places of the world. About one-third of the world’s populace, around 2.5 billion individuals, lives in water-strained regions, and by 2005 the total number is anticipated to increase to two-thirds. Changes in climate are also influencing water supply and scarcity. Numerous of the world’s pitiable regions are anticipated to become greatly drier just because of a change in climate. Another noticeable reason for water crisis in Africa is the population facets like migration, urbanization; age distribution and population growth. These procedures affect water quality and availability through increased water consumption and demands and via population resulting from usage of water. Mismanagement of water waste and resources is also a main threat to the accessibility of water. In lots of developing countries, waterways are utilized for drinking water and other necessities like cooking and it is contaminated very badly. The escalated water demand is the major reason why almost 900 million individuals in the globe have a scarcity of safe & pure drinking water and up to six million people die every year from illness associated to water.